Saturday, June 2, 2012

Signposts and Roadblocks

     I went to a graduation party today of a son of some dear friends of ours.  He was graduating from eighth grade and is excited for the next chapter of his life.  What struck me most were the prayers that his grandfathers prayed for him.

     Both of them prayed for his protection as well as giving thanks for how God had led this young man so far.  One of them prayed specifically a prayer of thanksgiving for the roadblocks and signposts so far in his life.  The roadblocks that kept him from sin and the signposts that led the way in many situations.  He prayed that there would be more roadblocks and more signposts along this next journey he was taking.

     I started to think about what roadblocks God had used in my life ...

The roadblock of a party when I was younger, that I couldn't go to.
A relationship ending that wasn't healthy.
The roadblock of a finished job that wasn't good for my family.

And then the signposts...

The friendships that encourage me to hunger for more of Christ.
Our  Small Group that challenges our family to serve in real ways to share the love of Jesus.
My family that supports me with laughter and love.

How truly blessed I am that God uses these things to protect me and to draw me closer to him.

In the same way,  I can be a roadblock or a signpost for my children.

For roadblocks:

I can educate them on the dangers of sin and what consequences have happened in my life because of them.
I can encourage family nights on the nights when there might be an inviting, yet not so healthy, party to go to.
I can guard their bedtime routine and make it a time of reading the Word instead of hurried goodnights.

For signposts:

I can guide them in the Truth with family devotions and the example of me reading the Bible.
I can challenge them to pursue holiness as a standard rather than the world's sin.
I can talk of God's grace, forgiveness, and unfailing love.

I pray that God will use my life as a roadblock for temptation and a signpost for His glory in my life and my children's lives.

Obeying God brings great joy.  ~ Psalm 1:1

I am thankful for the prayer of a grandfather, demonstrating pure love, and encouraging all who heard him to a life filled with pointing to Christ in everything we do!
May I bring great joy to my children as I encourage them to obey Jesus.

Whether I be a roadblock or a signpost, let my actions point to Jesus Christ and His gift of grace for us.


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