Thursday, October 3, 2013


Family, Friends, and Those Readers who graciously open their emails, turn on their Kindles, turn on their phones to read these words and open their hearts to share in this journey for joy...


I am switching up, flipping over, swagging on...

(Okay, I feel like I do when my husband plays softball and I try to cheer for him and I use

I am moving!  In fact, we are moving!  You, me, all of us...we going to a land beyond.  A land where there is not the LONGEST.URL.EVER.

So you might have seen we have been gone for a bit.  We will be back.  There are big things happening here. Things like new addresses, new adventures, new places where God is shaping, and changing, and whispering His dream for each of us...

the dream to inspire,
and love on those in our lives.

This new leg of the journey is taking me to a place where I will be stretched, pulled into the uncomfortable, and yet I know I will be amazed at His beauty in ways I have never dreamed of before.  I will be opening my heart like never before and praying for His grace to be displayed in the shouts of praise and the whispers of the night.

Join me?  The new website is  and will be up the second week in November!

Check back then, pretty please?

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Unknown said...

Yay, You! From one of the longest URLs to another: good for you! Maybe someday I'll switch. Looking forward to seeing your new digs!

Kristi Campbell said...

I tried to go to the new site but it told me I needed a login?

Kathy Schwanke said...

Angie!!! So glad to have met you at Allume! Is your new site up yet? It asks for a log-in. Come on over to my blog to update me please! (you are over there already in a couple of places-you pretty lady!)

AdminCrash said...

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