Thursday, January 5, 2012

She died on Christmas.
I don't know the time exactly.
All that matters is that it was on Christmas.
Every Christmas from here after her daughter will think of that.
Instead of a day filled with hope and happiness,
It will be filled with sorrow and questions.
Do the questions get answered or does the grief just fade?

I have heard it never fully goes away.
So years from now as her daughter watches her children's eyes
 dance with delight at a stocking full of joy,
her thoughts will be on her mom and
 her last Christmas, her last day, her last hug with her mom.

Many years ago a baby was born to save the world,
Crying, cold, coming to bring us peace.
She knew this baby
And called Him her Savior,
She trusted him
all the way until the end,
And even then,
her husband says
"We have seen His blessings in all this.
From day one of the cancer until the very end.
We have seen the blessings in all this."

We have seen the blessings in all of this.
His blessings.

My questions fade, and my longing increases,
My longing to be where she is at this moment.
Seeing His face and knowing His grace
 more fully 
than I will ever know this side of the open door.

My friend has walked through 
the winter of pain and has found the place He has prepared for her.
He led her through this open door.

Her family will still know this pain.
Her husband missing her laugh,
Her son missing her smile,
and her daughter missing her mom when years from now, 
she holds her own sweet baby on Christmas day.

But she has found peace.


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