Sunday, July 22, 2012

Falling Food - Growing Grace

We have all seen it before...
the slapstick comedy of someone slipping from a little bit of water on the floor
 and losing their balance and crashing to the ground
literally throwing the food in the air as the arms flail and the bottom bits hard.

Yes, it is quite funny when we see it on TV, but quite another story when it happens to you - 
At Panera.
Just now.
In a skirt.
And not just dropping the dishes, but breaking the dishes!

The funny thing is only one person asked if I was alright, except the manager who was probably scared that I would sue over the water on the ground.

Only one person said, "Are you okay?"

It reminds me of the story in Matthew about the lepers.  After Jesus healed 10 lepers, only one came back to say thank you.  

I think I even talked about this one before.  Wow, when out of all the stories in the Bible, the same one comes up in the matter of days, maybe it is time to start listening!

Only one person stepped out of his comfort zone to see if I was okay.  And I was, except for a bruised boompee (our name for bottom) and hurt leg.

When I went to my table, I got sympathetic glances and a couple averted eyes, but no one else asked if I was okay.

This is my challenge to you and me to go beyond the "Are you okay?"

To really care about another person.  Beyond convenience.
 Beyond time.  Offering rides even if you are busy.  Offering meals even though you do not like to cook.  Offering time even though you think you have none to give.  

The girl who is struggling with fitting in?  Ask her if she is okay and invite her over.
The child who seems to need attention all the time.  Ask if he is okay and make intentional time to play a game with him.
The husband who is working way too hard.  Ask him if he is okay and plan for a special date night to be able to renew his spirit.

Go beyond okay...and you will find yourself in a place where all you can do is to say thank you to the One who created you to do good works that bring glory to Him.

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; 
his love endures forever.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to go beyond convenience and see how this works! Thanks for the challenge.

Angie said...

May God bless you as you serve Him through serving others!


Eating as a Path to Yoga said...

Sometimes when something like that happens to me, I don't like it when others show concern. However, maybe it is just my own insecurities about connection coming to the forefront.

Angie said...

@ Eating as a Path to Yoga~

Thanks for your honest feelings and for reading my post. I wonder about that connection thing as well. To have people notice can sometimes be a bigger deal than just dealing with what happened on our own.

Thanks again for reading and have a wonderful week!


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