Angie's Story

Hi!  Thanks for taking a moment to stop in.  I am so glad you are here.  If you lived close to me and you were stopping by my home, I would invite you in, shove the laundry in the mudroom, quickly wipe down the counters, and offer you some sweet tea or hot cocoa.  Maybe we would have freshly baked chocolate chip cookies because my husband says I make the best cookies around, but most likely we would have chips and salsa because I am a salty girl.

I would ask what the kids have been up to, what you did last weekend, and if there was anything I could pray for you for right then.  Because that is a huge part of my life...just connecting with those I meet.

If you are like me, every single moment right now seems to be filled with children, Lego (or in our house "babies") playing, nap times (not enough for me), school, sports, and an occasional tea party.  And although you wouldn't want it any other way, some days it just feels like you are living for bedtime rather than living in each MOMent God has given you with these special blessings.

I am right with you.  I started this blog as a way to process what God is teaching me through these moments with my kids.  I needed to know there had to be more to this mothering thing than just dirty diapers and doing the dishes.

What I found out was that the sacred was found in changing those diapers and doing those dishes and a thousand moments just like those.  Because God doesn't just meet us mamas only at church.  He doesn't just share his wisdom when we are reading the Bible, although those are wonderful things, He shows himself in each MOMent He gives us.

And that is the greatest gift of grace we will know.

I adore being a wife to my childhood sweetheart and mama to one princess and three princes. As a family, we love camping, movie nights, and cooking together. Our house may be chaotic at times, but we try to keep it full of love.

Stop and stay for a while and enjoy this MOMent.