Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nachos and Macaroni Stains

I went out to meet a girlfriend for nachos tonight. I know, it’s not coffee, I don’t drink coffee, so if I am going to meet a friend it will be for food. Preferably something salty, so here it is…nachos. Not just ordinary kinds either. The kickin’ jack ones. This time, they did not use enough spice for my liking. I wish I had brought my own. How I got my own stash is for another day.

So I am getting dressed before I go and I grab a cute white cotton blouse with these sassy wavy sleeves. No, not puffy sleeves! Now, I did not check my self in the mirror because I knew I liked this t-shirt and no one was home to check me out. My very sweet husband,Michael, had our children at our rental house to unpack some boxes. So I am on my way and I did look in the car mirror at the restaurant to put on a dash of lipstick (Here’s a quick mom tip: Fresh lipstick looks like you care. Mom taught me that. Either her or the Mary Kay gal that I got roped into buying $250 worth of products from one time.).

While I am applying my lipstick I look down and notice not one, not two, but eight stains on my shirt. Apparently the pile I had grabbed the shirt was not the freshly washed pile, but the dirty pile folded to make it look like it was clean laundry on my bed when book club came over that week. And they were not light toothpaste stains, they were macaroni and cheese stains! Yes, I pride myself in healthy meals for my four kids!So I had two choices, run home, change and show up properly dressed, put together, but late. OR go in with my head held high, be on time looking like I have it all together until the stains are noticed.I chose to be on time and I am so glad I did. The lights were dim enough that no one noticed the stains, and I had a wonderful time with my friend!

On the way home, I thought about my shirt and my visit to the restaurant and I realized how our daily life with Jesus can be the same way. So many times we are worried about our outer appearance and spend so much time on what looks good to the world, whether it is certain activities we are putting our kids in, committees we are involved in, and even different church ministries we are serving in. But we are missing our appointment time with Jesus. He is waiting to meet us, just like my friend was. And even for eternity, he is waiting to meet us. And the difference is those stains on my life will not just be not noticed in the dim light, they will be gone in His magnificent light of His grace on the cross. By his death on the cross, he made me clean.

Beautiful and perfect. That is what God will see when I die and go to Heaven. Not because that is what I am, but that is what Jesus is! That is what He will see. Jesus in me. So on to my time with Him…Not only do I not want to be late, I want to enjoy the meal-the feast with Jesus! Only through Him can I be the mom He wants me to be.

Enjoy your MOMents given to you!



Anonymous said...

Love that blog! What a timely message for me! Thanks for sharing the wisdom, insight and humor the Lord has blessed you with, my dear friend! I love you! Hey, am I the first to post a comment?!)

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