Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Reflection of Me

I heard my daughter ask my youngest son if he wanted a white cheese stick or a yellow one in this beautiful sweet sing song voice.

"Which one do you want, Sweet Boy?" she asks him about so many things. She gave up her baby place for older sister when she was just two and her first brother was born. Then we had two more boys after that! And yet, I see that God has designed her to be a kind and nurturing girl who truly adores her brothers and takes her job of big sister very seriously!

In fact, when she "graduated" from kindergarten, her teacher compared each child to a person in the Bible. My daughter got Miriam because of the "special way she takes care of her brothers."

"Sweet Boy " is a name I actually use for all of my boys and to hear her use that reminds me again how everything I say is taken in and recorded on my children's hearts. Now when I use a sweet voice and have an abundance of patience, that is a great thing. But when a harsh tone slips out, I cringe knowing that too went into the depths of my children's hearts.

Luckily, I believe God's grace helps to wipe out those impatient times, the little sighs of frustration, and wrong choice of words. With the love that you show your children everyday, the sweet things that they do hear from you , and the fact that they know you love them because they are yours, not because of something they do, that will fill up their hearts with the good stuff and the rest will be forgiven and hopefully forgotten!

How did your children see you today? What was the reflection of your face this morning? Is it something that you want to see right in them? And what is the reflection on our hearts? Are we truly being a reflection of our Jesus?

My friend has a couple mirrors in her hallway and a saying under them that reads, "That we may be a reflection of Him." My prayer is that I may not only reflect our Lord's patience with my children, but his love in all who I come into contact with today. Just like my daughter is a reflection of me, I want to be a reflection of Him so that in all my ways, my Sweet Girl and my Sweet Boys see Jesus!



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