Monday, June 22, 2009

Cure for the Flu-A Fixed Washing Machine

We are just getting over having the flu.
All 6 of us. My daughter went down first with an enormous amount of freshly eaten soup all over our bed, followed by some BLT chips in the chocolate shake of vomit wretched all over our carpeted floor on the way out the door where she was running trying to get me. The rest of the day was spent holding her hair back while she puked in a pot and slept on the couch. She kept saying,"Just stay by me" which I realize is what all we really want when we are feeling down...just to know someone cares.

It was amazing to see each of their personalities come out as each one fell to the 24 hour bug. Leah was stretching out and just wanted to be held with quiet (sometimes not so quiet moans) of pain. This again was a reflection of me, and my moans are definitely NOT quiet.

Our baby Jared would puke in the pot and start to smile wanting to play until the next wave of nauseousness came on and right after puking, he would lay in my lap for cuddles.

Joshua, forever our engineer, figured out the best way to hold his head so he could be comfortable and still be able to puke into the toilet, asking questions those ten minuted right before you know it's going to happen and you are just sitting there waiting for it to come. We all know how long those ten minutes can feel!

And our last sweetie to go, Jonathan...announced to us he had to puke, intense in his pukes, quickly cleaned his mouth, and promptly fell back asleep for 15 minutes until he threw up again.

Did I mention all of my children got sick throughout the night? Leah started in the day and went into evening, but the rest started RIGHT at BEDTIME! How refreshing! A little bit of a change from the usual brush your teeth routine...

Again, God showed me that things I take for granted can be ripped away from me so quickly. Things like sweet selling sheets, soft carpets, and healthy kids.

Yeah, the sheets...filled with vomit and sat in our house for two days because JUST BEFORE my husband got sick, the washing machine broke! Yep, that was RIGHT AFTER he put in the puke sheets and puke water went all over our laundry room.

Can I not catch a break? :) I can smile now, but Mommy was having a hard time with Daddy not fixing the washing machine BEFORE he got sick!
We made it through and actually the one day when the puking had subsided and we were all in the family room watching our 18th movie of the day all laying on the couches and floor, I realized once again how nice it is to just hang out as a family!
I will listen to what God the LORD will say; he promises peace to his people, Psalm 85:8

May you enjoy clean sheets, no puking, and His peace today!

Blessings, Angie


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