Saturday, April 28, 2012

Am I ready?

My Dear Husband gave me a night to myself.

A night to write.

A night to get things done.

And this is where I sat:

He even took my children to my In-Laws to really give me peace and quiet.  

(The last time he tried to do this, I went to take a bath and I had one boy in the tub with me and one pooping right by me.  Not a very relaxing bath...)

So I wrote.
And tweeted.
And wrote.
And night came.
And I wrote some more.
And morning came.

And I wanted to write more, but they were home.  

Giggles and shouts.
And snuggles that I needed to have.  I hadn't had any bare tootsies in my cozy spot for a while...

But I wasn't ready.

I wanted to write more.
I wanted to get three loads of laundry done.
I wanted to clean up the pantry.
I wanted to organize my closet.

I wasn't ready.

And although I long for the day when I see my Jesus face to face....

Am I ready?

Have I met each day with the desire to show His love to everyone I meet?
Have I set aside time to be with my Lord in order to learn to love him more?

This is not just a list of "good enoughs."
I will never be good enough to get into Heaven.  That is what grace is for.  Jesus loving me,  
a sinner, enough to die for me.

In order to give me eternity.
In order to give me full life here on earth.

In order to make me ready.

I guess I am ready...

but my prayer is that everyday: 

He strengthens me more,
He teaches me more,
He uses me more.

And He continues to allow me to encourage others to be ready too!



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