Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Tornado I Try to Control

I love a good bath!

I mean I really love a good bath!

So do my kids.  I think it is because I make such a big deal out of bath time.  We have special toys we use.  We play music sometimes.  And if they are really lucky, they will get candles and a foot rub after!

One day when one of my sons,  the Bug Whisperer, was done taking a bath, he was letting the water come out.  All of the day's playing and questions soaped away with the sinking level of the now 
semi-cloudy water.

And right at the between "not quite" and "all done"... came the tornado.  

That little swirl of light and liquid that squiggles and dances on the edge of the drain.   Barely visible, then bigger than the drain itself.

And my son called out,  "Mom, look at what I made!"

And he proceeded to stick his finger in the swirl.  But when he did this, the tornado then disappeared. 

 When he stuck his finger in, he could not make it.  He thought he had made it, 
but in fact, he ruined it.  

But when he sat back and just watched for it.  Waited for it.  Looked for it.  The tornado was created with the sinking water.
Not with his hand, but by the Mighty One who created the water, created the pull, and created the physics that explains it all.

Isn't that so much like us in our everyday life as moms?  The minute we get ourselves to stir up something that is not in His plan, it somehow gets ruined.  Goes wrong. Gets misunderstood.  Gets broken.

Whether it is a relationship that you tried to mend with excuses and the passing of blame.  Or the decision you made without the time going to God in prayer for his wisdom.  Or maybe it is just the day that did not start off with prayer and turned into a day of lost tempers and sad sighs.

As moms and daughters of the king, we need to sit back and watch the tornado.  Watch His mighty work being done and meet him and come along.  He allows us to be a part of His plan, but only if we know His plan by reading His letter and be guided by His words.

He created the tornado and He will bring us through it, guide us around it, or watch it go away.  No matter what,His plan is, we are not in control of it.  The minute we stick our hand in it, it will go away.  And we might miss out on the coolest dance of light and water that we could be blessed with!

And if we do wait.  And watch.  We will call out, "Look Daddy!  Look at what you made!"

 Praise him, you highest heavens 
   and you waters above the skies.
  Let them praise the name of the LORD, 
   for at his command they were created 
Psalm 148:4-6



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