Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Process is the Point

So last week at this time, I was eagerly anticipating going to the She Speaks Conference.

I was hoping to find out more about publishing, meet some people who loved to write like I do, and just have a nice relaxing weekend to refresh myself from the craziness of life with homeschooling four kids.

The weekend was amazing with wonderful talks from Lysa TerKeurst, Ken Davis, and other wonderful team members of Proverbs 31 Ministries.

Lysa's theme and  message was The Process is the Point:

...meaning, it really is okay if you don't end up with a book deal or land on Women of Faith, but what is God teaching you in the moment?  What gift is he giving you through the process?

I do understand what I am supposed to know...I know I am learning something with every action I take.  I can logically tell myself that God will teach me something in the long run, but sometimes I want the ending to be the point.

But then sometimes, he allows us a little glimpse of the process and we see his gift to us.

This little glimpse came in the process of trying to meet some wonderful friends at Chili's after the conference.  I was texting to try and meet them and while I was so focused on the text message, I did not even see them walking right up to me.  I was so focused on my message, I almost missed their actual bodies.

In the same way, I went to this conference and had my own agenda.  I almost missed His message of contentment.   I can rest in the fact that I am right where God has me.  If I continue to trust in Him, He will lead and bless my work- whether that is writing words, teaching my kids, or or doing laundry- for His glory.

 And in God's grace, he gave me more than I could have asked or imagined from this conference, not only meeting friends who love to write, but amazing ladies who opened up and shared with me their stories, inspired me with their love for Jesus, and who just plain made me laugh.

They make me want to live a more disciplined life and eat amazingly yummy waffles!

When I came back, I told a girlfriend all about the conference, and without even knowing Lysa's big point, she said, "Maybe God just wanted to teach you some things from the sidelines."

I think she is right. 

There are a lot of fun people on the sidelines.  And I can cheer for others on the sideline.  And when I am not so focused on my goals, I can hear the Coach so much better.

And in turn, He is teaching me amazing things like contentment, and perseverance

and in this specific process,

I was blessed to have made some friends.

Maybe that is the point.

What point do you think He is trying to teach you today?


Crystal said...

I was so blessed to meet you. Truly. It was one of the highlights of the conference for me.

Thank you for being YOU.

And I owe you an email... but I had to mull it over first. :)

{Hugs!} to my new friend who taught me how to make duck faces. ;) I miss you.

Unknown said...

This is beautiful Angie. I think God is teaching me over and over to trust Him. That's what I seem to take away from every struggle or challenge I have with my writing/blogging. Just trust Him to take my work where it needs to go and when it needs to get there.

Ruth said...

Love this so much. Had to re-read it today. Meeting you was such a joy! xoxo

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