Sunday, February 10, 2013

What's Your Passion?

     About ten years ago, my husband asked me what my passion was?  What am I crazy about?  At that time, I was a mom of just two little ones and I loved being with them and loved writing.  I wanted to write a book, but after trying a little bit to blog, making some time for writing, and sending in a few Children's book ideas to publishers, I found that I was not really into it.  I actually wrote a paragraph about what my passion was.  In about five minutes.  I wrote about writing, but I was not actually making time in my schedule to write. 

     After years of not making writing a priority,  I thought I forgot my passion, but as I am reflecting more and more these days on clutter free living, I am seeing that, back then, writing was not my passion.  My kids were my passion.  My Jesus was my passion.  Even my house and actual homemade meals were my passion. 

As I heard one speaker say, "If you can stop writing, you were not meant to do it."  And I agree.  For at that time in my life, I was not meant to do it.  And I can second guess every choice I made and get discouraged that I did not keep up with my blogging, get mad that I did not send out a book proposal before having a huge platform was one thing that publishers look for, and kick myself in the pants for picking the absolute longest blog title that I could have picked at a time when there were A LOT of ones that I could have gotten...


 I can see that God used me right where I was...

With my little ones, serving in church, being fully available to my husband, living out life the way he wanted then. Spending my MOMents exactly where he wanted me.


I can see that what is your passion, you will make time for.  You won't be able to help it.   So now, when you see a twitter at 1:30 am of a cool Bible verse that I read or a blog post that made me smile, you will know why.

Because I can't stop writing now, and I can't stop reading the Bible to get more of clutter free Truth!  Just the basics. The truth of saving grace and grace filled living.

And even though, I sometimes hear, "Are you going to be writing today?" from my kids, now I do not feel guilty, because I know Who I am writing for this time.  I am not out to write a book. I already did that. I am out to bless Him and others around me.  Writing is my passion, but just one of them.  Knowing God deep in my soul is my passion.  And my words are for His glory and my growth.  And I am trying to be intentional about my time I spend with my kids so that they do not resent the writing.  They know they will get an EPIC game of Big Deal after lunch!

So, what do you spend your time on?  What is your passion?  What is your dream? And what will you do to keep following that dream? 


The Identity Project said...

Angie, this post encourages me deeply to never stop writing! I agree with you that writing is such a unique way to glorify God and share His gospel of truth; I never want to stop! When I am discouraged, the Lord pushes me to keep on running the race, and I pray you will, too!

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