Thursday, March 21, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Remember

Happy Friday!

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We had matching dresses.

But you wore a bow.

We kept giggling at each other because I was tickling you and you were tickling me.

It was a little chilly but we didn't want to wear coats because no one would be able to see our pretty dresses.

"I smiling Daddy. And I tickling Mommy."

Oh, those days of tickling.  And ice cream chins.  And Bitty Babies. And holding you late at night sitting on the toilet while the shower runs hot. Steam trying to chase away the cough.  That scary cough that hurt my heart with every breath.

The cough went away.  The tickles have too.  At least not as often.  

No more matching dresses. Although we wore matching striped shirts just the other day.   Moms and tweens do that sometimes. I loved it and you did too.

The giggles are still here. 

I thank God for those giggles.


Jacque Watkins said...

I sure giggle with my girls too, and we have tickle-parties, and paint toes...and I know it won't be forever, but I'm hopeful the growing and changing will bring new delights of adult friendship one day, and I can't wait! Blessings to you Angie!!

pioneercynthia said...

I sure do love those dresses! I always wanted to have matching dresses with my mom. And my daughter. Nope. Oh, well...

Giggling makes everything better.

Mel said...

What a precious post...I'm all teary on this Friday morning now! :) Oh, how the giggles and tickles create so many memories...I want to bottle them up. Thank you for this today...blessings and have a wonderful weekend! :)

Tanya M. said...

Such cherished memories. And what a darling photo! Your post made me smile. (Visiting from FMF, ~Tanya M.)

Denise said...

Wonderful memories.

Brie said...

I loved the unexpected memory thrown in- the hot shower to chase away the cough. Poignant and realistic. You can tell how much you love your daughter. Great post!

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