Wednesday, March 27, 2013

She Never Thought About The String

It hit me the moment I saw her smile.  The complete feeling of freedom and trust and pure joy.  She was not worried that the string would break.  She was not wondering how long she would get to ride the swing.  All she knew was that her Daddy was pushing her, he would keep her safe, and that it was fun.

I look inside my self and desire so to be like my little girl on a swing, but so often, I am stuck in the distractions and worry of the day:

How can my children stay safe? What will I do if my husband loses his job? Why can't our car ever work for more than a few days in a row?  What if something happens to my string?

I need to take a few pointers from my daughter and trust in my Daddy, my Heavenly Father, who holds the string to my life.  Oh, he doesn't promise that it will be all fun.  And there will be times when I want to get off the swing, but what I know with complete certainty is... He will never let go of the string.  He will never let go of me.

And that makes me want to ride this thing called motherhood and life for as long as He gives me breath!

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