Friday, April 5, 2013

After ~ The Best Part

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Here is my Five Minute Friday thoughts coming and my little fingers typing:
The topic for today: 

It was after the egg hunt.

After the little legs scurrying for colored pieces of love left by the Easter Bunny all over the yard.

It was after the lunch of too much ham and just the right amount of not-the-dense-kind of too-thick cheesecake, but the just-right-fluffy tasty kind that Grandma makes.

It was after the sliding down the slide and hugging Papa for a photo.

It was after all that, that I saw this.  This sweet face of contentment.  This sweet face, resting in the shade, weary from a day well spent.

Her white dress reminding me of the fresh life of grace that we get in every new day because of what came after those three days.

I thank God for the after.


Joy Lenton said...

Hi Angie, I'm hopping over for the first time from Lisa-Jo's page! I love your reflection. Sounds like you had a busy family Easter celebration. It is often only as we look back that we can fully appreciate what we have enjoyed. Oh, to have that child-like wonder of living in the moment! Then we might truly come alive with joy and thanksgiving.
Blessings of joy and peace to you :) x

Denise said...

Beyond sweet.

Chris Morris said...

This is so sweet. You brought a gentle smile to my face. As a dad, I adore these moments. Nice to read your art through FMF

Rachel Beran said...

Beautiful...the after and the fact that you have eyes to see, really see. Praise to the Lord! :)

Amy said...

Praise God for all our afters !!!!

ps. I love the sweet picture you shared

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