Friday, April 12, 2013

Tacos in the Tub Equals Perfection

I am linking up with Finish the Sentence Friday from Kate's super funny blog.
Every Friday you finish the sentence with some humor, words of wisdom, or the first answer that your seven year old gives you and you find a good picture to go with it.
I think this is my first.  I was a little nervous. But, from a recent group that I just joined, I found a community where people are open, encouraging, and quick to be helpful.  They make you want to join in the fun and write!
And today's Finish the Sentence is...
If I could live anywhere, I'd live... my bathtub.
Is this one mine?  No, I totally wish it was, although I did look up other ones and there was another one I was wishing to make my the kitchen! 
How perfect would that be?!
A little sudsy time, a homemade pizza, more suds, and pie.
My bathtub is THE happiest place on earth, excluding Disneyworld.  Although one of the last times I was at The Magical Kingdom, I was nursing the ENTIRE time and
 missed almost everything good.
My glorious bathtub has sweet candles to set the mood for some fun in the tub
And by that, I mean a glass of Pepsi, some Twizzlers, and a really good magazine
that I just got from Costco.
And, I even have bath salts from Hawaii!  One of my girlfriends goes there with her family EVERY year.  I know...Who does that?!  She is a kind sweet mama whose kids are the only ones around who can ever finish the license plate game in less than a LIFETIME! 
My bath tub is a also bubbly one. A whirlpool one.  Funny how I have no problem sitting in a hot tub at some random hotel pool where fifteen thousand other people have done who knows what
and I get totally grossed out when my husband takes a bath and says,
 "You can use my water if you want."
My bath is where I dream, rest, read, and if I could pull of eating a late night snack of Taco Bell while watching The Office and still somehow remain in the tub, it would be as close to an earthly living place perfection as it could get.
Feel free to link up and read some other writers and all the places they would want to live!
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Chris Carter said...

Oh long gone are the days when I dipped in my bathtub for an after work rinse off of the days stress... I haven't had one since I had kids!! SO nice to meet you!!! :)

Kristi Campbell said...

I love how you chose a bathtub. I'm normally a shower gal (and stretch it as long as I can, which is nasty, I know but whatever) but I would SO be a bath gal if I had a tub like that! Or one in the kitchen! So glad you're in BB and linked up with FTSF. YAY.

Unknown said...

What a fun answer! If I had a tub like that, I might consider taking the occasional dip, too, but with fresh water, please! :)

clark said...

yeah...but I'll bet he, (your husband), thought to offer to leave the shower going on order to freshen the bath experience.
I get the concept of the long, long bath...but, speaking from 'the Y side', all those candles would be totally irresistible and surely I would need to do at least one re-renactment! maybe the sinking of the Titanic (I can hear the Celine audio-over as the candle sinks into the icebergs) or maybe a simple Civil War scene.
Fun Post

Janine Huldie said...

Love, love, love your answer and your bathtub sounds heavenly. Seriously, I read this and remembered honeymooning in the Bahamas and using the hot tub daily. Fun and good times, too!! Thank you so much for linking up with us and hope you have a wonderful weekend!! :)

Jessica Smock said...

Welcome to the Bloppys! I love bathtubs too. Yours sounds amazing. Unfortunately it's been quite a long time (years?) since I had one. And this would mean cleaning my bathtub to be quite a bit more clean than it is right now.

Unknown said...

I love this! I laughed out loud at the Pepsi, Twizzlers and good magazine, and even harder at Mike offering you his old bath water. LOL! I like taking baths, especially in the winter when I just can't get warm. I take my glass of water, Chaptsick, a book, and on occasion, the ipad or DVD player. :-)

Melissa@Home on Deranged said...

OMG I don't think this could have been any better! Tacos and The Office. I never get to sit in our tub - alone, anyway - and just enjoy the jets. One day maybe. The day after I clean it, of course :) So glad you joined FTSF and the Bloppies!

Kristi Campbell said...

Hi Angie,
Seeing that bathtub again makes me really want to take a bath. I followed you on Twitter, FB and Pinterest, and wanted to let you know that I think your Twitter link here needs a fix-it doesn't link directly to you there, if that makes sense. Anyway, glad to get to know you and follow you around. :)
Happy Wednesday!

Angie Mabry-Nauta said...

I so relate to you, Redbud sister! The only thing that completes my day better than a hot bath (with bubbles, dimmed lights, candles, relaxing music, and red wine) is quiet time with God. I do some of my most focused praying while in the tub. I call it my "bathtub ministry." :)

Simply Beth said...

Angie, found you on twitter and made my way here. I'm touched by your willingness to host (in)RL and sad I will miss it this weekend but look forward to hopefully another opportunity to connect. In the meantime, thought I'd connect with you in this wonderful blogging community.
Enjoyed your Finish the Sentence Friday. Fun!!Blessings.

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