Thursday, May 2, 2013

Only Grace Words Today

My computer is not letting me add pictures to my posts.  And I think to myself, "Why even write if I cannot enhance the words with images of beauty, crisp lines of simplicity, or a giggle captured by the lens.

It is especially hard when some images capture the words in just a snapshot like this post on keeping the main thing, the main thing. Pure beauty.

But then a quiet whisper tells me that His Story had no photos, no tangible images of a baby's first smile, the mighty waters being stilled by a calm voice, the drips of sweat, pain, and the sin of a nation falling from the brow of our Savior.

Only words. Only Truth.

And so my challenge is to speak His words into my children's lives today. My desire is for my words to be a picture of joy, for that will lead them back to His beautiful story of grace and love.

Thankfully linking up here today. (I cannot use the cute little button.)


Jennifer @ said...

OH Angie .... Yes. He had no photos. No paparazzi. No instragram.

Just Jesus.

And that's really all that matters.

You reflect Him so well.

Oh you, ((((Angie)))).

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