Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So excited to be posting over at the site of my friend who leads people to follow hard after God and encourages people to make this life an adventure! 

And there is a giveaway there and here!

Please join me over at Lysa Terkeurst's site for my Simplicity Series Kick Off!

For the next few weeks we will be finding out what true simplicity is and what it means in our heart and home! 

We will learn together what it is like to FULLY LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

God is not a God of chaos! (1 Corinthians 14:33) Get ready to clean out those cupboards, organize that kitchen, and streamline your schedule for a life that gives more time to connect with the people you love!

And if that isn't enough....I am doing a giveaway on my new book: Clutter Free Simplicity - Seven Step to Clearing out the Clutter in Your Heart and Home over at Lysa's site and also here!  Two chances to win! 

SO, let me know in the comments what part of your house, heart, schedule, day, even throw in things like vacation planning, play dates, or closets that seem to make your life crazy

We are in this together and we are going to find out what it really means to live a simplified life that gives us time to really enjoy it and bring glory to God!

I will pick one person to give a copy of my new book! Just tell me below one great tip on getting clutter free or what part is always a challenge!

May you be blessed with these MOMents you have!


JenniferSaake.com said...

I found you through Lysa's page. Signing up to follow your page! God has been working a future book idea in my heart for about 20 years now, on choosing His "one thing" for each season of my life. Love your article. You even posted one of my favorite verses about order/disorder/peace! Heading to push the "pin it" button to share now.
jenni - StrokeOfGrace.blogspot.com

Chris Carter said...

I am THRILLED that you are over at Lysa's today!! I can't wait to grow and learn from you and all that you offer to help us learn to prune what is needed and live a more fulfilling life!!! I need balance in a chaotic and rich life... I need to find quiet in the midst of crazy. Amen? lol

Jeanine said...

When I bring things that happen at work home with me, they mess up my home atmosphere. I'm trying to let things go, but they seem to keep on resurfacing.

Brittani said...

At this time in my life I am dealing with a busy little 16 month old boy and trying to juggle home, work and church! I feel like my entire home is disorganized! But I am enjoying my little boy each day.

Rachel Beran said...

One tip: stay off social media. :) Social media makes my mind fell cluttered and wastes (for the most part) valuable time that I could use to focus elsewhere...like our basement storage room. Oye! :)

Michelle said...

The clutter of expectations needs to go! Each stage of life brings with it different sets of challenges that need to be adjusted to. We have returned to the stage of having a toddler and a baby...along with 2 tweens, 3 teenagers and a young adult! Getting things done and trying to make sure everyone's emotional and physical needs get met(not to mention my husband's needs and the occasional needs of my own!) is.not.easy! Living in the moment is hard sometimes when there is a lot of 'dying to self' that has to go on!

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