Friday, June 7, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Fall

This one made my heart ache and swell at the same time...

This weeks's prompt: * FALL

You picked the yellow one.  Of course you did.  The yellow one that looked like it was laughing.  You were so excited to go, but when you got on, you found "that it go so fast." And you wanted to go by yourself. And we let you, but if you look close, you will see Little Brother right next to you with Daddy holding him and an arm's length from you.  We wanted you to be able to do it on your own.  But Mama was still afraid. I didn't want to see you fall.  So I sent Daddy to watch you, to protect you as I smiled from the sidelines. 

My girl, you are getting bigger.  You are entering new merry - go rounds with a new school, new friends,  new dreams.  Oh Sunshine, it is going too fast! I will still cheer by the sidelines and watch you. And now more than ever, I trust in the fact that your Daddy in Heaven is protecting you and waiting to take you into His arms just in case you fall.

Come on now, let's take this ride together.

* Five Minute Friday -
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Jacque Watkins said...

Such a delight to link up next to you and read these sweet words that could have been mine...daughters growing so fast and slipping through fingers. How to stop the minutes to savor every last one...Blessings to you Angie!

Simply Beth said...

Oh Angie...this was beautiful! So happy to click on your link today from FMF. It's a delight to connect with someone nearby. A lovely picture of you and your daughter and lovely words you have shared. They do grow up too quickly. Blessings. Beth

Leigh Anne said...

Beautiful! Its true, we never want to see our kids fall, but knowing our Father's hands are there to catch them helps this mama too. Glad to have stopped by from lisa-jo.

Kristi Campbell said...

This was absolutely beautiful! I love your words and your sentiments. My but the months fly by, don't they? I hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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