Thursday, August 1, 2013

Such a Long Day {Story} - Five MInute Friday

He asks me a question.

I was tired.  It had been a long day.  One too many nights going to bed late because we were "on vacation" and you just can't go to bed early if you are spending time with your cousins. But when little bodies get weary from the waves and little minds play tricks on the souls during the night, it doesn't seem worth it.

And yet, as I tuck him in after a day full of new freckles and captured crabs, the taste of salt still on his lips, I see the content look in his eyes.  Happy because he did get one more chance to body surf and that one more Twizzler stick, and we got to sing one more song.

And so even though I am tired, and I so want to just go off and read (and perhaps join a late night party myself), I say, "Yes. Yes, I will read you a story..."  And it is all worth it.

My photos are not loading, but may these words encourage you to say yes to being a part of His story today.

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Victoria said...

Aww! I miss those sweet times as a kid playing with my cousins until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore! Enjoy them little man, they don't last long!

Visiting from FMF :-)

Richelle Wright said...

i have always loved those precious, everyday and normal moments with my kids - especially when they come on the heels of the exciting, not every day of spending time with cousins!!!

Anonymous said...

Simply beautiful. And those words at the end about it being worth it - so true. :) Visiting from FMF. said...

"say yes to being a part of His story today" that was just lovely. I spent a large portion of my day cuddling, soothing and reading to an over tired 2 year old. At days end I was emotionally exhausted. Your post reminded me that all of it the laughter, the struggle the stories, yes the stories of my motherhood are all part of His story. thanks so much! visiting from Five Minute Friday!

Unknown said...

I so get it. We were just at the beach, long good days and long good nights, but at some point, it all catches up. Such a good mama moment you had.

Mel said...

Love this. :) Those memories, those pieces of the story, are so precious. Thank you for sharing...happy weekend to you, friend! :)

Deb Weaver said...

This is sweet!

Deb Weaver

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