Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

March 29, 2011 - written on April 6, 2011

I am blessed.

I am just coming off of a high that can only be felt when you get home from a wonderful birthday lunch celebrating friendship. I say that because although the women who gave me this party might have thought they were celebrating me, I was celebrating friendship and the fact that God, in His mighty love for us, gives us very specific friends at very specific times in our lives.

And today, I am thankful for my real friends...my forever friends. Friends that will come to a party even though they only found out about it less then 24 hours ago. Friends that call and ask me to have lunch because we share the same birthday month. Friends that send a card to say no matter how busy we get, we will always be friends. These are forever friends.

These are the friends that know you do not like laundry and that is why it is always in the family room. These are the friends that know you get anxious about the future sometimes, but they are quick to remind you God has it in control. These are the friends that you vacationed with and gave you the biggest bedroom!

These are the friends that are family: a husband who loves me, children with the gift of cards, love, and songs, parents that send flowers or give gifts , sisters that celebrate and give gifts of joy, my 90 year old grandma who calls and sings Happy Birthday, Godparents that call or send me a card, brothers that call to sing and or say HI, nieces and nephews, and all in between.

These are friends that might not even know it's your birthday, but when you see them, it is like you talked to them last night in bed when you were roommates, or classmates, or church mates. It is comfortable, it is fun, it is real. You know where their coffee cups go and they know what your car usually looks like!

These are forever friends.

And to My Forever Friends,

I am grateful for my gifts
candles, sweaters, a piece of jewelery or two,
I am thankful for the encouraging cards, and all you say and do
But no matter if you said it, or even if you knew
Please know that on this special day,
I'm mostly thankful for YOU.

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17

Thank you for this special MOMent!


Anonymous said...

Awwww! Love that poem and scripture verse!!! Gotta love biggest bedrooms! :) Thanks for posting, sharing and being a great friend and woman of God!!! Keep the posts coming!!!

Angie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! You can have the biggest one next time!
Love you!

AmyPic said...

Angie--Love it! I don't get to talk to you as much a I'd like, so this is a great way to "hear" your wonderful voice.

Sassy said...

You always bring a tear no matter what you write! Way to go! God has given you a gift.
I even read your profile, now that I know your blog address. :) You liked Breakfast at Tiffany's, huh? It made me sad. I think I must have missed something when I watched it... We're usually pretty alike with that stuff. :)
Love you!

Leigh Carlson said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! and you;)

Patti said...

Angie, Now I can get you on my Kindle

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