Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Want Candy!

Last Sunday, we had a guest speaker in my daughter's Sunday School Class. She was a dynamic lady who was describing the symbols of Easter. At one point, she described how much she liked candy. One of the students in the back row declared, "Obviously!"

Although you might want to go remind that child the inappropriateness of his comment, none of us did...because the student who said that comment is... blind. In no way was he judging the speaker's appearance. He was commenting on the fact that when she talked of candy, he could hear in her voice how much she like it. And really, who doesn't like candy?! It is pretty obvious!

In his blindness, he was able to "see" past the outside and truly hear the heart of the speaker. God desires us to be like that as well. He does not want us to get so wrapped up in the outside of ourselves that we neglect the inside. He commands us to abide in Him, to work on the inside, by letting Him teach us through His word.

How many of us get up early to shower, dry our hair, make sure we have make up on before we step out of the house? Now, how many of us take that much time or even any time at all to make sure our heart, our inside, is ready for the day?

I admit, many days, I do not. In my sorry defense, I also do not take as much time as I should with my hair either, but my hair stylist is working on that one with me!

Most days, I tend to fit God into my schedule instead of fitting my schedule around Him. And on the days I do that, I can tell...my children can tell. I see less and less of the joy and more and more of the labor. I see more of me and less of Him. And that is a place that is not sweet at all!

You hold me by your right hand. You will guide me with your counsel.
Psalm 73:23-24

Lord, help me to see more of you coming from my inside. Guide me in my actions and my words. And may I be sweet as candy to those around me.

Enjoy your MOMents today,


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