Thursday, October 4, 2012

Five Friends Everyone Needs

I was talking to a dear friend recently and she said something that I really needed to hear.  She said, "I really like what you write.  You are a good writer."

They were simple words to say.  Said in a quick conversation while she picked up her daughter from my house.  I am sure she has not thought about them since, but hearing those words brightened my outlook in that one moment.

A good writer?  Hmm... Maybe I can finish that proposal tonight.  Maybe I can add a few more chapters on that book.  Maybe I can just jot down in my journal a couple cute things my kids said today.

She is my friend and she was being my friend.

She was being a friend.

A specific type of friend.

For at least in that moment she was being an encourager.

That is one example of the Five Friends that Everyone Needs:

The Encourager

This friend is the one who notices the little things and makes them into special big things.  She is the one that knows your hair is a little lighter and a little shorter.  She is the one who comes to the PTA meeting just because you are speaking about getting new uniforms for gym class.  She is the one who LIKES your Facebook page of your son setting up a tea party for you.  This Friend is the one who helps you get dressed for your first date after your divorce.  The one that puts notes of devotion into your car, your phone, your heart.  She encourages you because she loves you.

The Listener

This friend is the one who you can call at any time of day and night and she will answer.  Even late at night, she sounds as if she has been up just waiting for you to call.  She lets you talk about being up all night worrying about your house addition without mentioning that she actually had the flu all night.  She is the one who not only lets you share all the silly, but extremely important, details of your sixth date, but asks questions about what you wore, what he said, and if the topic of marriage came up.  This Friend sits down when you are together, jumps in your car while waiting to pick up your kids, and walks with you even though she would rather get a Chocolate Frosty.  She listens to you because she loves you.

The Challenger

This friend knows your flaws, your ick, yuck, and muck, and will still ask you to rethink the next step.  This is the one who asks if it good for your family.  If it is good for you.  She questions where you have been.  She checks the garbage can.  This is the friend that will use your words right back at you to make you happier, stronger, and hopefully a little wiser.  This is the one who calls you to get your body out of bed and into the pool so you can be ready for that tri-athalon. She challenges you because she loves you.

The Sister

This friend does not have to be a childhood sister or even one by marriage.  It is the Friend who is like your sister in every way.  She will come over to your house at 5am to watch your kids so you and your husband can catch a flight to Aruba.  You can drop your kids off to her house in an emergency or even if you need to take a nap.  She is the friend that doesn't go to the party without you because she has your back and you have hers. She will listen to your complaints about boyfriends who never love, husbands who never lead, or exes that never learn.  She is the one who in the future, when learning about your death, will go straight to your house and make sure it is clean before notifying any of your other friends.  She is the one who does not judge you when you ask for the seventy fifth time if it was okay that you told the neighbor that you spank your children.  To have a sister friend is wonderful.  But when she is a family member and you get to share childhood memories, holiday traditions, and vacation mishaps, you are doubly blessed.  This friend prays for you, prays with you, and honors you. She is your sister because she loves you.

The Savior

This friend outshines them all, for without this one, all the others will fade away.  Other friends will let you down. This is the friend who desires to be with you.  Desires to share wisdom with you. Desires to encourage you. Desires to challenge you. Desires to listen to you. This is the friend who values you so much that every minute is one to be spent with you.  This friend loves you so completely, He would rather die than to live without you.  This friend is Jesus.  Before time began He thought you up, designed you, and then created you to love Him, to glorify Him, to be His forever.  He thinks you are beautiful.  Jesus loves you because He is love.

"A friend loves at all times." ~ Proverbs 17:17


Sue Artemenko Anderson, PGA Golf Professional said...

Loved the post. Only heard you, didn't see any words. It wasn't like reading, it was like listening. So there. (Do I get encourager points????)

Angie said...


You most certainly do get encourager points! Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it!


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