Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Newberries and Reflections

The quote was hidden in the many words that filled the page.  It was actually used more as a description leading to the result of a mind free from financial stress, but it meant more to my heart today, when I read it.

It is a quote from the book, The Cat Who Went to Heaven by Elizabeth Coatsworth and it received the Newberry Award in 1990.   For any of you not having to take Children's Literature in college, you might or might not know what the exact wording for that award is.  It is awarded each year to "the most distinguished contribution to literature for children in the U.S."    Caddie Woodlawn, Call It Courage, and one of my favorites, From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, are all examples.  Literature classics that leave you with deep truths.  Not so much with the book: Everyone Poops.  Although that one might have won the Caldecott Award for best pictures, but I am not sure...

But this particular quote was said in regards to a priest paying a poor artist in advance for a  painting for the temple.

He said, "Hearing something of your circumstances, I have brought a first payment with me so that you may relieve your mind of worry while you work.  Only a clear pool has beautiful reflections."

That last line hit me:

Only a clear pool has beautiful reflections.

What kind of a reflection am I?

I think about how muddy my mind can get with the distractions of the day or the constant thought of the "should haves beens and not yets."

That is certainly not clear and my first reaction to life's bumps are often not very beautiful.

Lost shoes lead me quickly to impatience.
A messy unfinished basement sends me into an ugly world of jealousy.
Tired days find me spent and stubborn.

Not very beautiful.

Yet, God promises to meet me in these MOMents and make me new ( Revelation 21:5).

And when I am made new,
when I give Him the firstfruits of my day to cleanse me of my impatience, jealousy, and sinful pride,
I am made clear.

And then, I can be a beautiful reflection of my Jesus!

Now, when I starting writing this, the Holy Spirit revealed something else to me.  I love how He does that!  I originally just had the "clear" sentence, but I had to actually add the line:

"Hearing something of your circumstances, I have brought a first payment with me so that you may relieve your mind of worry while you work."

Because it hit me...He hit me...with the truth that God knows my circumstancesYour circumstances. Everything we deal with every. single. day.
every. single. moment.

And even more...get this now,

He has brought the first payment...

The payment of his life!

His life.
His death.
And His amazing ressurection,

so that we "may relieve our mind."

He had made our souls clear and our minds clear SO THAT we can be a reflection of something beautiful:


Dear Jesus,

Please clear my mind of today's distractions of what I need to get done.  Allow me to rest in the knowledge that you know my circumstance and will grant me whatever I need for each trial or victory that may come my way today.  May I be a constant reflection of you.


May you be blessed in your MOMents today!


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