Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Are You the Same or Different?

Here is a great topic from a great link up:

And one from a fellow blogger and friend that made me laugh so hard, tears almost ran from my legs!

And for me...I had to think a bit on this one...





                                                    THAN MY YOUNGER SELF

1. I still hate coffee, but now I sometimes drink it at  weddings.  Last time I drank it with the most dense flourless chocolate cake baked (or not) and ended up vomiting until late in the night.

2. I still love to read.  Still read classics like Anne of Green Gables, From the Mixed Up Files..., Where the Red Fern Grows, Where is Spot?  You know. Classics!

3.  Now, I want to learn more about the Bible.  In college, I had all these chances to take cool theology classes and I slept through Biblical African History on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Almost. Every. Class.  Why create a class that starts at 8am? Passed it with a...

4.  I now like being in quiet closets.  Once, when I was younger, my mom was working at our school library and I got locked in the closet.  (I went in there to act out some movie I saw)I screamed so loud, some guy wet his pants in front of her.  Now, I would just 
stay in the closet and enjoy the quiet.

5. I still have a crush on my husband.  Did back in grade school.  Still do.

6.  Still love playing school.  Only this time, I have my four kids as students and not imaginary ones.  I have to say, the imaginary ones sometimes listen better, but are not as fun!

7.  I still wear my hair the same way.  Except for maybe the super high bangs back in the eighties, it has not changed too much.

8. I still wear flip flops all the time.  I used to do it when I was younger because I was on the swim team.  Now, they just seem to be the closest shoes to the door.

9. I still have to eat at the movies.  I have to eat A LOT.  Twizzlers, popcorn, Raisinettes, and a Coke.  The problem is now, when we go to the movies as a family, it costs us about $436 to go.  

10. I still love to sleep.  My mom said I slept 20 out of 24 hours when I was first born.  That would be delightful right about now...


Unknown said...

No wonder you hate coffee! I never drank it until I started dating Steve. It kind of came with the package. I can't believe you had a crush on your husband in grade school! That is so, so cute! I tell Steve that if he'd known me in HS, he would have thought I was an obnoxious sarcastic dork - which is pretty accurate. I toned down the obnoxious part a bit. Are you homeschooling?? I am. #9 cracked meup! So true!

www.pinkbears.ca said...

I'm a sleeper too! And I love playing school... my daughter is only 2, but I'm already planning my homeschooling curriculum :)

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